Pneumatic torque multipliers from alkitronic® leave conventional pneumatic wrenches far behind and quickly forgotten. The pneumatic torque multipliers from alkitronic do not "hit", but turn continuously and thus offer more torque accuracy, as well as significantly more power and less susceptibility to repair. This clearly sets alkitronic® pneumatic torque wrenches apart from conventional simple impact wrenches. Even in gas explosion hazardous areas!

Advantages of alkitronic® pneumatic torque multipliers:

The pneumatic torque multipliers of the alkitronic® brand are characterized by their high quality. Bolt components are bolted more gently, quickly and precisely thanks to the pneumatic drive. The pneumatic torque multipliers are used worldwide. The robust pneumatic drive is equipped with a sophisticated high-performance gearbox and is therefore particularly reliable and durable.

  • The quality of the bolted joint is significantly higher than with impact or hydraulic wrenches.
  • The compact design and the cast aluminum housing provide high robustness. The torque multipliers are almost "indestructible".
  • The high performance gearbox allows high working speeds
  • The simple 1-finger rocker switch operation ensures greater ease of use
  • The torque multipliers can be used in hazardous areas.Optional: Silencing, 2-speed, series assembly, etc.
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