The alkitronic® Norwolf Missing Link™, Model M-ML - the most revolutionary manual torque multiplier for applications where standard tools don't fit. The alkitronic® Norwolf XCE Link™ is essentially a Missing Link™ with the ability to turn continuously.


  • For applications in confined spaces
  • Available in 3:1, 4:1 or 6:1 ratios
  • Ideal power-to-weight ratio.


  • Accurate - operates using levers, not gears.
  • No overload pins to break - creates safer working environment.
  • Uses ratchet or non-ratchet wrenches.
  • Optional reaction arm permits operator to react on the same plane.
  • Input force is same direction as reaction force for maximum operator convenience.
  • Totally enclosed aluminum housing.
  • Available in two styles: pin or hub reaction.
  • Continuous rotation for use with any alkitronic® pneumatic or electric multiplier.
  • Available in special configurations.
  • Gearless internal design offers long service life.

alkitronic® specials:

  • The Missing Link™ fits more applications than any other wrench.
  • Continuous rotation for use with any electric or pneumatic driven torque multiplier.
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