• The alkitronic NOVA is the fastest electric hydraulic pump.
  • Can be used worldwide: With 100-253 V / 45-66 Hz and up to 700 bar, hydraulic tools with single or double-acting cylinders are operated.
  • Available in duo or quattro version: Two or four hydraulic wrenches can be connected to one pump and bolt in parallel.
  • Rugged compact design for the roughest jobsite use.


  • Large flow rates due to intelligent electronic control and powerful motor.
  • Simple automatic operation for all cylinder sizes without manual presetting.
  • Permanently higher bolting quality compared to ratcheting bolting tools due to continuously rotating bolting.
  • Manual or automatic operation with ergonomic remote control.
  • Lowest maintenance costs due to maintenance-free brushless synchronous motor.
  • No adjustments necessary to connect to all international power grids.

alkitronic specials:

  • We dispense with the cost factor of solenoid valve control: powerful but gentle switching from the working stroke to the idle stroke is achieved by changing the direction of rotation of the drive motor, thus guaranteeing a long service life.
  • Suitable for continuous operation due to minimal heat generation: The clockwise/anticlockwise rotation of the motor in combination with automatic operation prevents the hydraulic oil from heating up. This function always provides only the supply pressure required for efficient bolting.
  • Excellent delivery rate of up to 15 l/>

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performance max. 3.500 W operation of 1 hydraulic system - Art. No.: 79001
performance max. 3.500 W operation of 2 hydraulic systems - Art. No.: 79004
performance max. 3.500 W operation of 4 hydraulic systems - Art. No.: 79005
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