• Worldwide unique electric hydraulic pump with IP65 protection class. No costly downtime: Protected against rain, splash water as well as dust accumulation inside.
  • Easy operation and infinitely variable up to 700 bar.
  • Trouble-free connection and operation at 110V or 230V as well as on voltage-regulated mobile power units.


  • High precision (± 3%) in all pressure ranges due to precisely matched oil flow rates.
  • Air cooling, robust design and low weight. Housing design with optimum heat dissipation.
  • Easy operation with ergonomic 1-button remote control for comfortable working and sufficient safety distance.
  • High working speed, short set-up time. Possible connection of two hydraulic wrenches increases productivity and reduces time and costs.
  • Compatible connections for almost all hydraulic tools, regardless of cylinder size and torque.

alkitronic specials:

  • Low maintenance costs due to a maintenance-free and low-wear brushless synchronous motor. No solenoid valve control and therefore no wear.
  • Modular unit design for cost-saving upgrades or parts replacement.
  • Individual operating modes: basic version with manual control.
  • Integrated motor protection to prevent overload>

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performance max. 250 W - Art. No.: 71580
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