• Electric torque multiplier alkitronic® EC-S/ EC-A for torques from 60 to 6,500 Nm.
  • No control effort: Consistent torque accuracy in all international power networks 100-253 V / 45-66 Hz.
  • Precise cut-off torque even when operating on voltage-regulated mobile units.
  • Models EC-A in angled design with high operating comfort in confined spaces.


  • Safe and uninterrupted operation in any weather (humidity, rain) - thanks to IP54 protection.
  • Low running costs: Maintenance-free, low-wear and brushless synchronous motor with excellent efficiency.
  • Permanently higher bolting quality compared to ratcheting screwing tools due to continuously rotating bolting.
  • Simple 1-finger operation for fast, comfortable working.
  • OLED display with glare-free display and high contrast - for perfect reading in all weather conditions.
  • Menu-guided intuitive operation, multilingual with control and warning messages.
  • Ergonomic, strain-free operation thanks to the 360° rotatable operating unit: no reaction forces are transmitted to the user.

alkitronic® specials:

  • Quality bolting with torque/rotation angle method.
  • Highly innovative torque multiplier generation with unique sensorless control and even higher efficiency. Lower power consumption and thus less heat generation increase the service life of the electronics.
  • Repeat shut-off accuracy ± 2% for the same bolting application. Exact reproduction of the preselected torque through intelligent processor-controlled switch-off electronics.
  • Longer service life: low heat generation - resulting in maximum reliability and virtually no downtime.
  • Robust: exceptionally heavy-duty cast aluminum motor housing.


  • Update packages: Bluetooth interface for communication or documentation of bolting cases.
  • Modular software solutions for expansion for user-specific applications.
  • Special solution: Definition or presetting of torques accurate to 5 Nm possible.
  • All alkitronic® torque multipliers with CE certification.
  • Electrical data: Mains voltage 100 V - 253 V, frequency 45 Hz - 66 Hz Power max. 1100 W, protection class I, protection class IP 54 (standard).
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