Hydraulic torque wrenches are ideal when heavy bolted connections with large threads have to be tightened with high forces in tight spaces. The hydraulic torque wrenches cover the entire Newton meter range up to 80,000 Nm. The hydraulic torque wrenches from alkitronic set the standard for almost every bolting situation due to their speed, torque accuracy and flexibility. In addition to its hydraulic torque tools, alkitronic also offers fast hydraulic pumps that speed up work processes, saving time and money.

Advantages of alkitronic's hydraulic torque wrenches:

In certain industrial applications, hydraulic screwdrivers are sometimes the first choice due to the technical requirements (even if they cannot turn as fast due to the "ratcheting mode of operation"): for example, in confined and hard-to-reach screwdriving applications. Our screwdrivers and pumps offer:

  • Due to the extremely flat design with flush support of the drive part and hexagonal head, screwdriving can be carried out safely and accurately even in confined or hard-to-reach screwdriving cases.
  • Due to the problem-free support, accuracy is precisely achieved without interference from side loads.
  • The quick and easy change of the hexagonal head makes the screwdriver flexible in use.
  • Hydraulic pumps feature extremely high operating speed.
  • Integrated motor protection prevents overload damage
  • Patented technology (EP 1400313, US 6,966240)
  • The NOVA, VELOX electro-hydraulic pumps can be used on all power grids worldwide.
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