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  • alkitronic® EF-S electrical torque multipliers for torques of 430 to 42,000 Nm (315 to 30,980 ft.lbs)..
  • Consistent torque accuracy on all international power supplies.
  • Precise shut-off torque also operates with voltage-controlled portable generators


  • Low running costs due to maintenance-free, low-wear, brushless synchronous motor with excellent efficiency.
  • High motor speed: Up to three times faster than conventional electrical torque multipliers.
  • Permanent higher joint quality compared to ratchet torque tools by continuous rotation of the square drive.
  • Menu-guided intuitive operation, with control and warning signals.
  • OLED-Display anti-glare and high contrast - for perfect reading under all weather conditions.
  • Comfortable working due to the 360° rotatable motor unit; in addition, hardly any reaction forces are transmitted to the user..

alkitronic specials:

  • Quality bolting with torque/angle method.
  • Innovative motor protection with automatic shutdown to ensure bolting quality
  • Intelligent processor-controlled shut-off electronics for constant exact reproduction of the preselected torque
  • Repeat shut-off accuracy ± 2% for the same bolting application.
  • Exceptionally robust motor housing (aluminum alloy).
  • For safe, comfortable tool guidance, model-specific operating and holding handles are included in the scope of delivery. These can be mounted as required at several fastening points provided

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Elektrischer Drehmomentschrauber - Drehmomentbereich: 430- 2.700 Nm - Art.Nr.: 43601
Elektrischer Drehmomentschrauber - Drehmomentbereich: 500- 3.100 Nm - Art.Nr.: 43602
Elektrischer Drehmomentschrauber - Drehmomentbereich: 500- 4.250 Nm - Art.Nr.: 43603
Elektrischer Drehmomentschrauber - Drehmomentbereich: 1.150- 6.200 Nm - Art.Nr.: 43604
Elektrischer Drehmomentschrauber - Drehmomentbereich: 2.000- 7.800 Nm - Art.Nr.: 43605
Elektrischer Drehmomentschrauber - Drehmomentbereich: 2.050 - 9.800 Nm - Art.Nr.: 43606
Elektrischer Drehmomentschrauber - Drehmomentbereich: 3.500 - 20.700 Nm - Art.Nr.: 43607
Elektrischer Drehmomentschrauber - Drehmomentbereich: 6.200 - 42.120 Nm - Art.Nr.: 43608
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